Minutes of the HCA Executive Committee Meeting 16 November 2011



held in the Lake Hawea Community Centre on 16th November 2011


The meeting was preceded by a talk from R Darby, QLDC (Infrastructure Services) on the proposed Hawea water upgrade.

  • Testing has been done to date on three 40m bores on the lake front indicating that water quality from the lake is very good and there’s lots of it. Still going through clarification that the water from the lake meets QLDC requirements.
  • The three bores have been constructed, including some testing and technical reports, for under $17,000. They have a total capacity of around 130 litres per second. More than adequate for Lake Hawea township requirements for many years.
  • Financial work is being done for the next financial plan. A full concept report will be presented in January 2012.
  • Potentially bores could be operational by Christmas next year.
  • L Cocks, QLDC Councilor, clarified the decision to move away from pumps on the dam. This includes: getting the pumps away from private (Contact Energy) property and back to public ownership, improved access and affordable maintenance, eliminating the chlorination issue.
  • Bore field will allow isolation of reservoir and give potential for direct injection distribution to households.

L Cocks gave an update on Community Board workshops. He gave us a timely reminder that HCA need to prioritize a ‘wish list’ for the next annual plan.

PRESENT:  R Brown (Chair), S Rutherford (Sec), P Hart (Tres), J Cotter, J Taylor, T Buchanan, D Turnbull, E Carr, J Battson, D Brenssell, L Cocks, D Hughes, R Darby (QLDC)


APOLOGIES:  D Urquart, L Matheson



D Hughes requested that ‘informal’ be removed from discussion on ‘Toilets’ pg 1, sec 2 of the October minutes.

Moved minutes as amended, be confirmed as a true & correct record:

D Turnbull / D Hughes






At the 31st October the Associations cheque a/c stood at $1,697.57 and since then a further $30 in HCA subs and Greenwaste $1,480.00 has been banked – bringing the cheque a/c to $3,207.57.

The SBS ready money a/c stands at $20,215.95.

An invoice from QLDC for $5,734.02 (inc GST of $747.92) in respect of foreshore improvements has been received. This makes a nonsense of the arrangement agreed (to have all charges relayed through QLDC to avoid GST). If this charge is valid then the Treasurer would ask to renegotiate payment to our advantage.

Our application to Central Lakes Trust for assistance in funding the Community Centre BBQ has stalled as they have queried our status in respect of the old name change and our IRD certification. The Treasurer has responded to that and sent documentation (which he believes they already have) asking them to proceed with our application and if further documentation is required to let us know. To date he has not received a response. As it takes seven weeks to process an order for a new BBQ it is unlikely that the BBQ (even given the go ahead by CLT) will be in use for the holiday period.

An invoice from Greg Malmo was tabled for $150, being cost of gas-fitting materials for the new Scott’s Beach BBQ. Payment was authorised. The Secretary was asked to send a letter of thanks to the gas fitter and to plumber Darren Clay, Lake Hawea Plumbing Ltd, for donation of their labour costs for the BBQ set-up.

No other invoices have been received.

Matters Arising:  P Hart indicated that if CLT grant doesn’t come through then monies held in other accounts will have to be used. He recommended that we ‘take one step at a time’ and review projects monthly through a spreadsheet. Allocation of funds should be clearly identified.

Accepted P Hart / J Cotter



Outward: None


  1. Community of the Year Awards – copy of application.
  2. Hawea Flat School – Request for financial assistance to assist with pool treatment to be converted from chlorine to salt.
  3. Copy of LINZ letter to P Wilson – installation of toilet at Craig Burn.


Emails exchanged:

  1. M Sainsbury, Central Lakes Trust – request for more information before processing application re funding for community centre BBQ.
  2. D Sherwin – info on HCA website.
  3. B Martin – invite to TrustPower Community Awards – Arrowtown 14th November.
  4. D Druce – notification of impending works at Hawea Dam.
  5. E Carr – request to place Forest & Bird Society field trip notice on HCA website.

Approved & accepted S Rutherford / J Taylor


S Rutherford to coordinate notices for website. D Sherwin to upload details and maintain site.

  1. T Buchanan to coordinate with D Sherwin on spreadsheet of allocated HCA funds
  2. Draft minutes to be emailed to executive committee for amendments/confirmation before being emailed to any HCA members who may request them. This should, if possible, be completed in first week following a meeting. Only confirmed minutes to be uploaded to website. No unconfirmed minutes to be supplied to media.
  3. C Carr has prepared a submission to the national New Zealander of the Year Awards – nominating the Hawea Community for the national “Community of the Year” category. The awards will be announced on 16th February 2012. A copy of the presentation has been tabled with the executive committee.
  4. Meeting with P Wilson, Parks & Reserves manager of QLDC scheduled 16 Nov has been postponed until 21st Nov. This meeting will discuss the composting toilet/norski at John Creek, and the positioning of the toilet at Craigburn.
  5. A request from the Hawea Flat School was received requesting funding for increases in the costs for maintaining the school’s community pool. J Taylor advised that, historically, pool maintenance had been funded by the old Domain’s Board. Since the early 1990’s, when the QLDC took over the role of the Domain’s Board they appear to have progressively backed away from  the responsibility for funding the inevitable annual increasing costs of maintaining this community facility. J Taylor will try to establish the history of the Domain’s Board funding and then, with this information the Secretary write to QLDC citing this long standing obligation. This matter is to be carried forward to the next meeting.
  6. S Rutherford to follow up on the receiving of the QLDC monthly schedule of resource consent applications affecting the greater Hawea area. D Hughes asked the committee to consider the idea of forming a subcommittee to monitor resource consent matters affecting the Hawea area.



Green Waste:  D Hughes

The Green Waste Centre continues to run smoothly.

D Brenssell and D Hughes considered that shifting and resiting the big heap of new mulch was required. It was a big job with B Horrell using his digger and a member of W Allison’s team operating a big loader – taking 4-5 hours to shift and shape a new heap.  D Brenssell  partially reimbursed W Allison for fuel costs.
The quality of the new mulch, while not quite ‘top shelf standard’, is a huge improvement on last year’s mulch.
D Brenssell  has transferred $1,480 of Green Waste monies to the Treasurer.

He will discuss with the executive the need for new signage for the green waste centre to address the increasing quantity of broom being deposited.  Broom, like flax and cabbage tree vegetation, must be kept out of the mulching process.

Guardians:  J Taylor

Lake level today is 342.32 masl and steady, after rising just over 1.6m since the last meeting.  The Hawea River is at 13 cumecs. Metview indicates we will receive a huge deluge on Sunday and Monday. Fortunately Lake Wanaka has 2m to go to first flood level. Could be close.
Marty Black will, hopefully, be over by the end of the week to discuss with us the boating and swimming area strategies. The pontoon at Scott’s Beach is still to be dealt with.
Other matters – The Upper Clutha Tracks Trust has asked for the sign at the beginning of their track at Kite Surfers Beach area to be removed. It was one of the old “Walking Track only” signs, and therefore out of date. Unfortunately, a walker advised a cyclist that they ‘shouldn’t be on the track’.
Noxious Weeds, notably Broom – on the Southern Foreshore and who is responsible for its control / eradication Taylor had been hoping to discuss this topic with J Battson prior to raising this issue with the executive. However, she has been away for a few days, so any decisions on action need to be subject to her input.

The situation with the broom on the Southern Foreshore is an absolute disgrace.

Can the HCA Inc ask the council to monitor the contract: is it Asplundh or Dunstan Sprayers who are responsible for the noxious weeds?

The council directs some funds to the HCA Inc for Tordon and labour, so that we can get stuck into and deal with the noxious weed problem.

J Taylor does not mind tackling a bit of broom with the backpack sprayer, and on October 9th delivered two loads onto broom on the Kite Surfer Beach slope and at Kirsty’s Beach. Other folk – J Turnbull, the Chinn’s, G Ballantyne, D Turnbull, and the Carrs, have applied countless loads of ‘Tordon’ and substitutes over the years.
Last Thursday was his first ‘weeding experience’ with the Thursday group team. The noxious weeds came up in ‘smoko discussion’, hence D Turnbull raising the subject also, in her report. We proceeded to deal with (grubbing, cutting and pulling out) the broom, briar, cotoneaster and lupins, among the thickets of kanuka, on the rough areas of native vegetation and along fence lines.
We began to get a little depressed at the abundance of broom in bloom. Yes, the broom is highly visible at present, and has been since late September. As J Turnbull always used to say, now is the ideal time to deal with it because you can clearly see it!
It should be suggested to the contractors that they avoid wading amongst the native vegetation with their motorised high volume spray wands, but on the other hand one would say they are very lazy not to see the many broom plants in bloom that they could deal with in more open spaces. It would seem they are shirking on their contract.
Can we have a remedy: The contractors should be made to step up, and, make it feasible for them, with our support, to achieve eradication?

Foreshore: D Turnbull

The grass is growing at Esplanade and Kite Surfers beaches, with lots of support from a loyal watering team.

Six weeks to Christmas, so we live in hope that we can take down the barricades by then.

All trees planted are growing well, again thanks to the watering teams (and having some regular rain).

We are waiting to hear about signage on the foreshore. We have been assured that the HCA will have some input into this, and that signs will be up by Xmas.

The Thursday Group has almost finished for the year. We are spending the last couple of weeks weeding, especially the broom. We are spraying this as well, when we are able.

It is very disheartening to be battling flowering (and soon to be seeding) broom on the foreshore when Council leaves it in the streets until it has flowered and seeds set in the pod before they spray – always behind the eight ball ………..

Council also no longer seems to take action against those property owners who are obviously growing a bumper crop of broom this year!

In the ‘good old days’ (formerly known as “these trying times”) Council sent letters to households stating, “remove or we will, and bill you” for noxious weeds and long grasses removal – what happened to this approach?

The BBQ at Scotts Beach is working well, hopefully being enjoyed by all …… now we just need one for Esplanade beach …… funding is still required for this BBQ – where is this money coming from?

Hopefully there will be funding available next year for the car park at Kite Surfers Beach, then the other trees can be planted there for shade.

Hopefully Contact Energy will do the two car parks at Scott’s Beach when they complete their digging-out work near the dam. We can then plant willows along the shore next September.

Thanks to all those who have helped on Thursday mornings this year – what a great team.

Thursday Morning Group starts again in March 2012



  1. Signs on foreshore – D Turnbull to walk the track and establish what signs are needed.
  2. Broom – D Turnbull to email G Bailey requesting spray. S Rutherford to write to QLDC re maintenance of private land, details of Dunstan Sprayers contract re broom spraying, QLDC requirements to comply with the ORC pest management strategy, and that QCDL provide HCA with funds to buy ‘Tordon’ so that we can conduct a controlled foreshore spray programme to help to control broom.



  1. D Druce of Contact Energy requested feedback on the swimming area beside the boat ramp. J Taylor suggested we carry over till next meeting when the lake level has risen above the current 343m.
  2. Apologies for December meeting accepted from T Buchanan and E Carr



  1. Shaping Our Future seminars – following the meeting in September, there will be a follow-up meeting 24th November to continue the process.
  2. Lake Hawea Fire Brigade received a Certificate of Commendation in the Health & Wellbeing section of the New Zealander of the Year Awards.  D Brenssell was congratulated by the meeting for this award.
  3. D Hughes received notification of a meeting on December 13th between P.O.W (“Protect our Water”), S Wilson of ORC and M Hickey of ORC. This will be an update ‘on where they are at’.
  4. P Hart publicised the Hawea Gymkhana on 28th December  2011. Proceeds to go to the Hawea Flat School. The event organisers are looking for volunteers to take assist with the organisation of this annual event. Interested parties should contact C Knight or J Muir in the first instance. Notice to be placed on HCA website.

Meeting closed 10.15pm

Next meeting: 20th December 2011 at 7.30 pm.

Esplanade Walking/Cycle Track Consoltation

Report to the Hawea Community Association (HCA)



The genesis of this consultation was a request from Gordon Bailey (Queenstown Lakes District Council [QLDC] Parks Manager) and an emailed suggestion from Graeme Ballantyne (member of the Lake Hawea Thursday Group) to the HCA executive to consult with property owners whose land adjoins the Esplanade public recreation reserve about the construction of a walking/cycle track near to their lake front boundary.

The HCA Consultation Working Party comprised John Taylor, Graeme Ballantyne and Dennis Hughes.



The Working Party committed to:

  • Endeavouring to contact and consult with all 20 Esplanade lake front property owners;
  • Providing clear information about the siting of the track in relation to individual properties; and…
  • Listening to and recording the suggestions and concerns of property owners.



  • All twenty property owners participated constructively and thoughtfully in the consultation.
  • Nineteen property owners were entirely supportive of the construction of the track through the public reserve in front of their property.
  • The Working Party (i), identified some minor concerns, (ii), collected several insightful suggestions about the operation of the track, and (iii), noted offers of help and support from property owners regarding care of the track and the adjoining reserve.
  • Some of the above concerns and suggestions were taken into account in the formulation of the Working Party’s recommendations (see below).



Nature of consultation

Face to Face = 8

Telephone = 10

Email = 2

Attitude to walking/cycle track

Supportive = 19

Against = 1

Concerns/ requests

Yes = 10

No = 10

Anything unresolved

Yes = 1 *

No = 19

Any further action required

Yes = 3 **

No = 17


*       One property owner wanted a major resiting of the track, preferring it to be on the Esplanade foreshore.

**     The nature of these required actions, while important to the three property owners concerned (e.g., seeking advice        about boundary plantings), were not relevant to the siting and construction of the track.  All three requests have been attended to.



The following five recommendations have been fully discussed with QLDC and HCA people with direct responsibility for (i), the construction of the track, and (ii), the associated development of the foreshore recreation reserve.  In brief they are:

  1. Minor change recommended to the route of track through the kanuka copse in front of properties 192-198 Lakeview Terrace.  [NOTE:  Actioned.]
  2. To not construct a formed track through the grassed grove in front of properties 174-178 Lakeview Terrace.  [NOTE:  This recommendation has not been actioned.  The QLDC position is that the entire track requires a clearly delineated and proven hard-wearing surface.]
  3. To incorporate two additional features into the development plan as it applies to the Esplanade toilet block, namely (i), ‘toilet’ signs be placed on west and south walls of the toilet and thus be visible to track users, and (ii), the construction of a short pathway from the track to the toilet block.
  4. That there be no further plantings of trees or shrubs alongside the foreshore walking/cycle track.
  5. That there be provision for rubbish containers at yet to be decided points along the track.



1. As a consequence of property owners having an opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion about the track, the concerns and apprehension that many property owners voiced have been resolved or, at least, greatly alleviated.

2. The consultation generated, or reignited, considerable goodwill on the part of adjoining property owners towards the ongoing development of the foreshore public reserve for the use of residents, visitors, walkers, bikers and users of the lake.

3. Additionally, indirectly the consultation served to consolidate shared understandings about the day-to-day care and maintenance and of both the track and the public reserve.



With the track already being enjoyed by residents and visitors alike it seems likely that, at times when track usage is heavy, safety issues will surface.  For example, at busy times there may well be several different user groups (e.g., walkers, young parents pushing prams, parents with toddlers, hikers, mountain bikers, people walking their dog(s), sedate cyclists, etc.) all using the track at the same time.  How do we ensure the safety of track users?

Similarly, heavy usage might require the rethinking of such things as litter control (including dog poo), and signage.


John Taylor

Graeme Ballantyne

Dennis Hughes

Easter General Meeting 14 April 2012

Easter General Meeting

Held at Hawea Community Center

Saturday 14th April 2012

General public meeting 14 Jan 2012

General public meeting

Held at Hawea Community Center

Saturday 14th January 2012


Annual General Meeting 6 Oct 2012

Annual General Meeting


Held at Hawea Community Center

Saturday 6th October 2012