Minutes HCA Executive Meeting November 2016

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HCA Confirmed Minutes 15 November 2016

Temporary Chlorination of water supply

Dec 5, 2016

On the back of the Havelock North water contamination crisis earlier this year and after advice from Public Health South, the Queenstown Lakes District Council has made the decision to proactively chlorinate three small community water supplies this summer.

Wanaka and Queenstown supplies are already chlorinated.

Now QLDC is giving early notice that the water supplies of Arrowtown, Hawea and Glendhu Bay will also be chlorinated over the summer, as a precaution to ensure the safety of residents and visitors over the busy tourist season. Each of these supplies have previously been contaminated during peak summer demand, which has led to emergency chlorination.

The plan is to chlorinate these small schemes from mid-December through to the end of March 2017. Installation of chlorination delivery systems is scheduled to start from 12 December and chlorination of water supplies will likely begin that week.

During the Havelock North water contamination event over 5000 people became sick with waterborne gastrointestinal illness, causing Public Health South to request that local territorial authorities consider chlorination and other treatment measures.

QLDC has subsequently reviewed the risks to the public surrounding unchlorinated supplies within the district and, after seeking expert medical and legal advice, has decided on the temporary summer measures. Further, the Council is investigating the possibility of permanently chlorinating all residential water supplies in 2017.